Robotic Engineer
YFA - 75

At Civan we are developing and shipping advanced Laser systems. We are shipping products as well as developing new ones each in a different phase – definition, development, integration, production and shipping to customers. One of the driving forces behind constant business growth are our leading products who are defined to best serve our customers’ needs. We’re searching for a highly-skilled Marketing Product manager to contribute to Civan’s growth, work with us to grow our business and enhance our competitiveness in the market place. The ideal candidate must be an Electrical / Optoelectronics engineer with Marketing Product management and/Or Marketing experience as well as high motivation and drive for success. He/She are expected to be Civan’s outwardly face to the market, lead customer engagement, define Civan’s future products, present an outside-in view  to management, lead competitive analysis and represent us in external events, shows and conferences. Our product managers are working closely with the management team and with our project managers to ensure we are developing and shipping the mostly competitive products to the market

We are looking for a robotics engineer to design and build robotics applications for laser material processing. You will use computer-aided modeling to create drafts and perform tests sequences on the robots to ensure required quality. For this job, you should have a degree in an engineering discipline. You should have deep knowledge of automation and computer systems and have an aptitude for process optimization.